odd problem with distributed erlang system

Garry Hodgson <>
Thu Mar 27 02:39:22 CET 2003

Shawn Pearce <> wrote:

> Or try logging through erlang distributed messaging to the master
> server, rather than using NFS to do the log writes.
> Martin Bjorklund <> wrote:
> > So when you don't do NFS writes, the problem goes away.  That should
> > give you a hint...  Try to log to local disk instead.

thank you both for your suggestions.  i can work around the problem.
but i'd still like to understand just what's going on.  specifically,

   - why only the second and subsequent subservers have this problem?
      after all, by that time, both the master node and one sub node have
      been logging successfully, with the master owning the file system that
      is nfs-mounted on the subnodes, and the first subnode accessing it via nfs.

   - why we have no other apparent nfs issues?  the subnodes mount /usr/local,
      which is where all the code, libs, scripts, and even erlang itself lives.

   - why we don't see this on any other installation.  it smells of a configuration
      problem, yet this is the only symptom we see.  no errors show up in any of
      the system logs.

for what it's worth, i'm opening the logs using the following.  it gets called 
by the master and the subservers when they start.  am i doing something
exceptionally stupid here?

disk_log:open( [ {name, LogName },
	{ file, LogFile },
	{ format, external },
	{ distributed, [node()] },
	{ repair, true },
	{ size, { 1024*1024, 16 } },
	{ type, wrap }
	] )

thanks again for all your help.

"You've been telling lies so long
 Some believe they're true
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 You have no right to do"
        --- Steppenwolf

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