Distel 3.3, with User Manual and Win32 setup instructions

Luke Gorrie <>
Wed Mar 26 01:18:06 CET 2003


I've made a new release of Distel, and written a proper user
manual. You can download the release and manual from the homepage,

There is also an INSTALL.WIN32 file in the distribution, describing
the ugly-but-straightforward process of installing it on Windows with
cygwin and GNU Emacs 21 (and probably other Emacsen too.)

>From the NEWS file:

Version 3.3:

	A User Manual is now available from the homepage,

	'fdoc' online docmentation is now included, with "C-c C-d d"
	and "C-c C-d a" to do "describe" and "apropos",
	respectively. 'fdoc' is a program for automatically extracting
	documentation from the comments in source files - it primarily
	exists in the Jungerl.

	Refactoring support now exists, with a command to take an
	expression from a function and "refactor" it into a separate
	sub-function. Distel automatically passes the appropriate
	variables to the new function by using the 'syntax_tools'
	package to analyse the expression. This feature requires
	'syntax_tools' version 1.2 to be installed separately.

	Breakpoint handling in the debugger has been improved in many
	small ways. There is also an extra keybinding for toggling
	breakpoints, "C-x SPC", for consistency with other Emacs

	Giving a numeric prefix argument to M-. will force it to
	prompt for the function to lookup. This is useful if you want
	to find the source for a function that isn't being called in
	any code that you have handy. You can give it a numeric prefix
	with e.g. "M-1 M-."


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