unloaded module `hipe_converters' ??

Kostis Sagonas <>
Tue Mar 18 18:48:11 CET 2003


 > I have a HiPE related question on R8B-2 (Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 
 > 5.1.2 [source] [hipe], running on SuSE 8.1), when running any code I get 
 > the following report on the console, after which everything stops.
 > The code server called the unloaded module `hipe_converters'
 > This is my first foray into HiPE, purely out of curiousity I compiled 
 > Erlang/OTP with the ./configure --enable-hipe option.

This does not solve your problem directly, but also just out of
curiosity is there any specific reason why you are still using R8
rather than R9B where HiPE is an integrated and supported component
rather than an unsupported one?

I am willing to bet that you will not experience any such problems
of you switch to R9 (and you will find that the HiPE compiler is more
robust there).

If for some reason you insist on using R8, let us know and we will
try to look into this...


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