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Ulf Wiger <>
Wed Mar 12 22:44:22 CET 2003

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Joe Armstrong wrote:

>  IMHO one should edit in EMACS and tell the system what
>font to use - if you actually *see* the font while editing
>it's either too big or too small so you have to fiddle with
>the "zoom" controls all the time to even see what you are
>editing - Thus I consider "content"  to be something that
>is created in EMACS and stored in a data base of file
>system - and layout to be decided purely on the basis of
>what looks nice when it is printed *Not* on what looks nice
>when you are editing it.

Back when I spent my time teaching Word and Excel to
bueraucrats, I used to urge people to just type and forget
about formatting until later. The main reason was that most
people had no idea how to use Word properly, and would
insert lots of formatting the wrong way -- I always had to
begin by "washing" the document from faulty formatting
before I could begin tagging paragraphs properly.

Most (?) people have difficulty leaving the text alone and
want to fiddle the layout with it while they're writing.
Perhaps this is a disease that started with WYSIWYG editors
- I don't know.

If I had to pick one aide to go with Emacs, it would be an
outliner. The Word outliner was the main reason I didn't
abandon it years ago.

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