ANNOUNCE: erlguten

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Wed Mar 12 19:51:06 CET 2003

>     Yes - I'd like  a PDF reader in Erlang - and  I'd like to write GUIs
>   with the *same* layout language as  used for creating PDF (like go 'ol
>   display postscript)

Others do so

>   I aim (of course) at better quality than TeX - whether I can do this
>   remains to be seen.

I want to stress that TeX is not about ultimate quality. 
It was rather about reaching a sufficient quality at some point and then
allowing TeX documents to stay reproducable in that quality over a 
lifetime longer than a few decades, e.g. in 500 years, by documenting
the whole system TeX+Metafont+Fonts in a couple of books and 
feature freezing.
TeX is kind of a software equivalent of the pyramids (seen as a temporal
long distance message).


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