ANNOUNCE: erlguten

Daniel Dudley <>
Wed Mar 12 19:09:31 CET 2003

Joe Armstrong wrote:
> ErlGuten is now available at 
> ErlGuten aims to produce typographic quality PDF from XML
> or a Erlang program.
> The release includes a library pdf.erl which can be used to
> create PDF directly from an ERlang program.
> ErlGuten emplements the first part of the "grand plan" for
> unifying GUIs and text production systems that I brain
> dumped earlier.
> Comments, errors and all feedback is welcome, as are
> volunteers

Just so that some of the downsides of Joe's arguments get
to see some light ;-), I thought the following

might interest the many posters to this thread. Check out
the links at the bottom of that webpage, too. This just
might generate a more balanced critique of Joe's work in
this area.

As a matter of form and FWIW, I'll add that I don't agree
with much of what is purported there, being a very pro-PDF
person myself.


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