Juan Quintela <>
Wed Mar 12 12:11:39 CET 2003

>>>>> "miguel" == Miguel Barreiro Paz <> writes:

>> I know nothing of such things but I am left wondering after
>> someone commented on the list about the possibility of using the
>> Crusoe chip to make an Erlang processor.  Would that "just require
>> software"?

miguel> As far as I know, even if the Crusoe instruction set can be
miguel> software-redefined, the interface to do so is not published.

It can be redefined.  Their presentation was I think it was quake or
something like that, running on a JVM on bare hardware inside of an
x86 image.

But as far as I know, the interface is not publised, nor there is any
plan to publish it.

Later, Juan.

In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they 
are different -- Larry McVoy

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