ECOMP (was:Re: OO vs. CO)

Jani Launonen <>
Mon Mar 10 22:01:16 CET 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Vance Shipley wrote:

>I know nothing of such things but I am left wondering after
>someone commented on the list about the possibility of using the
>Crusoe chip to make an Erlang processor.  Would that "just require
>	-Vance

This is something that I've been thinking too. The rumour says that it
would make one great JVM on top of the Crusoe, so why not EVM too? :)

I just wonder, if Transmeta would be interest in licencing it's technology
or Ericsson interest in developing such technology. Anyways, it would be
rather interesting if Crusoe could run X86 and Erlang simultaneusly on VLIW


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