jinterface problems

Rasmus Jonsson <>
Tue Mar 11 19:26:39 CET 2003

I and a friend are trying out the jinterface
My friend created a java program that tried to create
a new instance of the class OtpNode on his machine
with the full name of my erlang node  and my
erlang security cookie (on my machine half a world
away, him Sidney, me Sweden).

OtpNode node = new OtpNode ("","mycookie");

Every time he tried to do this he got an exception
thrown at him. I ran exactly the same java program on
my machine (where the erlang node is running) but for
me the creation of the OtpNode went ok.

This got me to wonder if the jinterface can be used
this way or if there is another error we are doing.
Maybe it is delay sensitive even if this sounds
unlikely. My friend has R9B-1 and I have R9B-0.

Please help me if you have experience of jinterface.


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