Remote connect problems.

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Mar 11 08:42:09 CET 2003

A first step is to try the whole experiment with two nodes on the 
same linux machine. I.e. start two xterms. In one:

   matthias >erl -sname hokus -setcookie nocookie
   Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.1.2 [source]

and in the other

   matthias >erl -sname pokus -setcookie nocookie
   Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.1.2 [source]
   ()1> net:ping().

Note the 'pong'. A next step could be to use numeric host-ids, i.e. on

   erl -name '' -setcookie nocookie

and on windows

   erl -name '' -setcookie nocookie
   ()1> net:ping('').

Note the '-name' instead of '-sname'. Let the list know how it
goes. And next time you report a problem, please include a cut and
paste of what you actually did, my ESP isn't what it used to be.

Walter C. Reel III writes:
 > Hello,
 > I'm currently looking into creating distributed, reliable information base.
 > I read the Erlang white paper, saw the FP foundation, hot swappable
 > capability and built-in database system and thought this was perfect.  So
 > I've decided to check it out.
 > I have two hosts running Erlang in an internal network.  One is a win32
 > machine and the other is linux.  After I start up erlang on each system I
 > can't ping the win32 from linux, but as soon as I ping the linux machine
 > from the win32 host the systems connect.  Both are the same version
 > (, both can resolve name lookups to each other and both have the
 > same cookie set and 'epmd.exe -d -d' doesn't report anything when I try to
 > 'net_adm:ping(Node)' from the linux machine.  Does anyone know what am I
 > doing wrong?  I'm really stuck on this.
 >  - Walter

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