Remote connect problems.

Walter C. Reel III <>
Tue Mar 11 04:50:27 CET 2003


I'm currently looking into creating distributed, reliable information base.
I read the Erlang white paper, saw the FP foundation, hot swappable
capability and built-in database system and thought this was perfect.  So
I've decided to check it out.

I have two hosts running Erlang in an internal network.  One is a win32
machine and the other is linux.  After I start up erlang on each system I
can't ping the win32 from linux, but as soon as I ping the linux machine
from the win32 host the systems connect.  Both are the same version
(, both can resolve name lookups to each other and both have the
same cookie set and 'epmd.exe -d -d' doesn't report anything when I try to
'net_adm:ping(Node)' from the linux machine.  Does anyone know what am I
doing wrong?  I'm really stuck on this.

 - Walter

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