Erlang & Robotics

david wallin <>
Sun Mar 9 19:10:26 CET 2003

I've been interested in doing something with robotics, and would hate 
to give up on Erlang because of that. I know there's been others who 
has shared this interest in the past and hoped to make the Erlang 
runtime small enough for the processors (+memory) found in these 
devices (in the affordable segment of the market. Think Lego 
Did anyone succeed in doing this ? Could Erlang be 'pruned' of some of 
it's features to make this happen (Erlang Lite?), and in that case, 
what would that be ?

Another fundamentally different approach would be "Erlang Mindstorms": 
A programmable brick using the almost existing Erlang processor 
combined with Bluetooth. This would be extremely exciting stuff, 
unfortunately, I fear this won't be realized. (Feel free to prove me 



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