Documenting the Language

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Tue Mar 4 15:19:53 CET 2003

>   There really does need to be a document which definetivly 
>   decribes the core langauge.  Now I know there is the 
>   "Reference Manual" but it is dated February 9, 1999 and is
>   "DRAFT (0.7)".  It's the Erlang 4.7.3 reference manual and
>   we're currently on 5.2.  

That baffled me as well.
How is the language defined? (Except as commented source code of the compiler :-)

And it looks bad, if both the standard book and the reference doc
are outdated.

> It's also only available as a 
> postscript file and I haven't had any luck text searching it.

What about searching the raw postscript in vi? 


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