yeah, we're just better then awk!

Shawn Pearce <>
Mon Mar 3 15:19:35 CET 2003

Eric Merritt <> wrote:
>  Yea the guy who did this has a comentary on Erlang
> that basically says the same think. That its a nice
> langauge and none of the tests are suited to its
> strengths. Also I might point out that this uses and
> older version of erlang and did not use Hipe at all.
> Also this guy was an erlang novice so I am not sure
> how efficient the implementations where.

Given the number of languages he implemented in, I have
to wonder how good his implementation was in anything,
save C or Java.  :)

Also, the tests are very small tests that only test
simple operations.  Nearly all languages have about
the same number of lines of code, each test does no
useful work, and the tests run fast on bare hardware
and slower when higher levels are in the way. Thus
they are unfairly biased against the native compiled
languages.  Its also unfairly biased against apps
that can startup/shutdown very fast, which both
Java and Erlang don't do well.  SAE may have
faired better.


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