Erlang-mode problem

Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Tue Jun 10 05:08:28 CEST 2003

Are you running X server on a Windows desktop and the Erlang VM on 
Linux/Unix, or the VM is also running on Windows, and you have an Emacs 
Windows port.

If you are complitely in the Windows environment you can use pretty much 
any text editor besides Emacs for editing Erlang code.  I found 
Multi-Edit quite productive as it can be set up to do auto-highlighting, 
compiling from within the editor, and others.  Also, when using file 
references use the "/" notation instead of traditional Windows "\" style.



François-Denis Gonthier wrote:
> Hello all,
>   This is my first message here so I don't really know if I'm posting from
> the right place.
>   I've got a problem with erlang-mode with XEmacs in Windows.  I will not
> describe all the kind of errors I get when I try to compile a file but it
> all comes down to using \ instead of /.  The earlier messes up Erlang and/or
> XEmacs and I get 'no such file or directory' and other more or less weird
> errors.
>   I'm not exactly an (X)Emacs enthusiast but I'm willing to use it when I
> know it's superior.  I checked erlang-mode.el but that big file is way
> beyond my limited ELisp skills.
>   Anyone found a solution?
> François-Denis Gonthier

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