Erlang-mode problem

François-Denis Gonthier fgonthier@REDACTED
Tue Jun 10 04:27:08 CEST 2003

Hello all,

  This is my first message here so I don't really know if I'm posting from
the right place.

  I've got a problem with erlang-mode with XEmacs in Windows.  I will not
describe all the kind of errors I get when I try to compile a file but it
all comes down to using \ instead of /.  The earlier messes up Erlang and/or
XEmacs and I get 'no such file or directory' and other more or less weird

  I'm not exactly an (X)Emacs enthusiast but I'm willing to use it when I
know it's superior.  I checked erlang-mode.el but that big file is way
beyond my limited ELisp skills.

  Anyone found a solution?

François-Denis Gonthier

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