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Hi again!

Thanks people, but I still surprise with the behavior of the webserver... i read the logs (both: access and error) and anyone  have nothing to show about it... more of that the acces_log doesn´t registry the access (obviously because the server doesn´t recive the request from the client).

When I said "access from the server I mean when the client are the same webserver machine...browser in the directly from the server".

Finally: I´m using...

What OS/HW are you using? Windows 2000 p.
Which version of OTP are you using? 9.0
Which version of inets are you using? 3.0 I guess
Which http client are you using? windows 2000 p. and IE 6.0

PD to Micael : yes inswitch are registered in ericsson support but I always like to post in both sides...I like technical forums community; everybody helping mutually...  ;) 

Thanks again people! best regards...gabriel!

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Hi! Let me show my problem... 

I´m using intes to develop a web interface  having  dinamicals forms with some text boxes to complete. In spite of  access from the server (worst if access from a client) if the form have a big number of data to complete then the cgi request never arrives to the server or better said: the cgi-module doesn´t executes(ie:one hundred if it´s in server; in client no more than 10 aprox.)
... otherwise no problem, the cgi module  executes successfull (if form have few elements in the form).

I read all about inets configuration and the httpd_core documentation thinking that the problem may be in the max header size or max body size clause...but it doesn´t fix-up  my problem...

So now, I don´t have idea what could it's be a performance problem of the inets web server? or a bad configuration in the httpd_conf? or what could it be?  

any suggestion are welcome...thanks in advance gabriel...
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