Inets Performance

Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi Chandrashekhar.Mullaparthi@REDACTED
Thu Jun 5 11:18:21 CEST 2003

Assuming you have looked in the access_logs and error_logs and can't see
anything, in the past I've recompiled the inets application with the debug
flags turned on (look in httpd.hrl) - that should give you some traces to
see where the problem is. I've had this problem in the past but increasing
the values of MaxHeaderSize and MaxBodySize fixed it.

Maybe you can also post your inets config to the list and see if someone can
find anything fishy in there.


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Hi! Let me show my problem... 
I´m using intes to develop a web interface  having  dinamicals forms with
some text boxes to complete. In spite of  access from the server (worst if
access from a client) if the form have a big number of data to complete then
the cgi request never arrives to the server or better said: the cgi-module
doesn´t executes(ie:one hundred if it´s in server; in client no more than 10
... otherwise no problem, the cgi module  executes successfull (if form have
few elements in the form).
I read all about inets configuration and the httpd_core documentation
thinking that the problem may be in the max header size or max body size
clause...but it doesn´t fix-up  my problem...
So now, I don´t have idea what could it's be a performance problem
of the inets web server? or a bad configuration in the httpd_conf? or what
could it be?  
any suggestion are welcome...thanks in advance gabriel...

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