Mon Jun 2 14:45:12 CEST 2003

I've been looking at a project which won't require large queries or 
anything like that, but will require reliable maintenance of data,
preferably across multiple machines, and I think mnesia might do the trick.

The downside is that I've spent a lot more time on the funs and libraries
of erlang; I'm a bit unclear on where to start with mnesia.

Does anybody have a reference to a decent ground-up mnesia tutorial?
I succeeded in finding many mentions of it online, including some examples,
and I have the general idea that one defines a schema in a file which
erlang then loads, and that the schema is basically a set of tables ...
but I seem to get stuck beyond that point.  I'm probably just missing 
something really stupid which a tutorial would walk me through.

Any proposals?

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