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It was obvious to me that the the error message should mean something, but that I needed a magic decoder ring.  Is there such a thing?  I couldn't find much in the rather extensive documentation available for download.

I suspect that the error messages are crystal clear to those who really understand Erlang.  The rest of us need that magic decoder ring.

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> Steve,

Too many people did as you did and compiled a test program which
clobbered the stdlib and which was needed for the correct operation
of the system causing it to crash.  This caused much confusion.

The trouble I have/had with Erlang is in the error messages not 
being all that enlightening.  At first it seems down right meaningless
until you get into it more.


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}  My thanks to Vance and Bengt.  Erlang is interesting, but does have its 
share of quirks. 
}  Steve

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