XSLT like transforms in Erlang using xmerl

Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) <>
Thu Jan 30 13:12:23 CET 2003


> From: Mikael Karlsson [mailto:]
> 3. You can export directly to XML (and other formats), so you do not 
>      need Yaws. This might happen.
> My request was if this would add value to the xmerl 
> application, I hope it 
> does. If Yaws and other apps would benefit as well, so much better.

Well, I think it would be useful for edoc too. I have been trying to implement support for the Zope template language (which has some advantages over XSLT, as for example being simpler and one is able to edit the template as a regular XML/HTML file with demo values included) but I got stuck and then external pressure made me put it on the shelf... It's half done, but if you are done with your module it might be just as well to use it instead.


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