Other things I don't get (WAS: Re: A Joeish Erlang distribution (long))

Shawn Pearce <>
Wed Jan 29 00:35:27 CET 2003

I too haven't been very much in favor of XML at my company, but
nobody listen's to little 'ole me.

XML is great for a markup when humans are the majority of the systems
involved in processing / reading the format.  But when its a computer
system, its so much simpler (or so it seems) to use a tagged binary

But just my opinion.

Per Bergqvist <> wrote:
> Regarding parlay they have now started to publish xml/soap interfaces.
> xml/soap for traffical interfaces is even more bizarro.               
> I asked a colleague the other day if he could explain one good thing  
> with xml and the funny thing is that he was totally confused about    
> this too.                                                             
> If I think xml as such is totally overrated, I believe that soap is   
> pure stupidity.  Since this xml hysteria has been bugging for quite   
> some time now it would be interesting to hear others opinions.        
> Am I way off here ???                                                 
> (I'm sorry if this all sounds like I have pms, but I truly believe    
> that traffical interfaces should have simple and efficient codings.)  


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