A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

Joakim G. <>
Tue Jan 28 12:24:34 CET 2003

Francesco Cesarini wrote:
>> What I meant was that new small and/middle sized software projects is
>> IMO advised to avoid gen_servers, supervisors, application controllers,
>> appup, relup, boot scripts, gen_fsm, release_handler and the stuff
>> described in the "OTP Design Principles".
> I totally disagree. It is the above that adds even more to the 
> productive factor of the programmers using Erlang, allowing small to 
> medium size projects to be successful. I might agree to bypassing the 
> above design principles when putting together the evaluation prototype, 
> but absolutely not when building the product itself.
> The design principles give you what lacks in basic Erlang, namely a way 
> to design the system, a way to organize and reuse parts of the source 
> code, and a way to reason when putting it together. I have seen people 
> reinvent the wheel so many times when not using OTP correctly, and I 
> will stop here as I could go on for ages...
> The above will eventually deter potential users, as they will not 
> experience the factor 4 - 10 of the productivity increase we who know 
> OTP usually ramble about, and get stuck in trying to solve problems the 
> OTP developers have taken hundreds of hours to think of, test and develop.
> Back to work.. Have a nice day :-)

Couldn't disagree more. Back to work - yes.

If you think the pen is mightier than the sword, the next time someone
pulls out a sword I'd like to see you get up there with your Bic.

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