A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

Joakim G. <>
Tue Jan 28 12:17:35 CET 2003

WILLIAMS Dominic wrote:
>>From: Joakim G. [mailto:]
>>What I meant was that new small and/middle sized software projects is
>>IMO advised to avoid gen_servers, supervisors, application 
>>appup, relup, boot scripts, gen_fsm, release_handler and the stuff
>>described in the "OTP Design Principles".
>>It scares Erlang newcomers sh?tless.
> Sorry, but I am an Erlang newcomer, and the OTP Design Principles and 
 > implementation of design patterns and architectural modules, and all the
 > production tools (boot scripts etc.), are among the things that attract
 > me to Erlang!

That is nice (for Erlang/OTP). I doubt that you are that representative
though. _One_ of the reasons for Erlang not having the same user base as
for example python is the steep OTP learning curve.

If you think the pen is mightier than the sword, the next time someone
pulls out a sword I'd like to see you get up there with your Bic.

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