Daniel Dudley <>
Tue Jan 21 19:10:15 CET 2003

Bjorn Gustavsson wrote:

> Because records are so important, we must really make sure
> we do it right this time.

No argument there!

> We can't do another attempt (for one thing, it will be
> difficult to find a new good keyword when both "record" and
> "struct" are in use :) ).

Sorry, Bjorn, that must be just about the lamest excuse
yet. I'm sure an imaginative person on this mailing list
could help you out there. I'll even throw in my 2 bits:
'domain' -- a user-defined static type, normally with
non-local scope. (Borrowed from Turbo/PDC/Visual Prolog,
incidently -- except the scope qualification.)

Anyway, isn't 'struct' meant to replace 'record'?

> That's why other less important language features get
> done first.

Well, that sounds reasonable as long as you're 100% sure
that such work won't influence the options available for a
new record/struct/domain implementation. Just make sure
you're not putting the cart before the horse! ;-)

But really, IMHO it probably would be best if one cleaned
up existing language features before introducing new ones.
It's *always* better to build on a clean base.

[snipped James Hague's message]


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