Erland Paradign and OO paradigm!

Lennart Öhman <>
Mon Jan 20 09:38:34 CET 2003

You may also like to watch Joe Armstrong's (one of the creators of the
language Erlang) talk he gave at MIT in November 2002. In his talk he speaks
that Erlang actually is about 'Concurrent Oriented Programming' rather than
programming (though Erlang of course is a functional programming language).

The video and his slides can be found at (click on the
session to get the video. Joe is on first after the introduction).

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Farzin_B23 SOORI wrote:
> Dear sir/mdm
> I am the VoIP project manager in ITMC Corporations in IRAN.
> i have been so interested in your Erlang platform for developing application
> like Megaco.
> But i want to know if this platform is Functional based
> or Object Oriented based? Isn't it better to develope megaco application
> with OO based scheme?
> I asked this question based on megaco nature , i think
> it can be developed with OO idea , what do you think?why?
> thank you
> sincerely
> Bastani
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