MTP simulator?

Per Bergqvist <>
Sun Jan 19 19:53:58 CET 2003

Since you will probably have a lot of answers telling you that MTP is 
defined in ITU-T Q.701-Q.709 recommendations I tell everybody that the
MTP you are looking is another MTP used by the IOG.                   
You should be able to find the interworking description in the AXE-10 
documentation. If you don't have it this list is not the right place  
to ask for it ...                                                     
> Since I am interested in AXE 10 switch I found on web that:         
> Netsim is a network simulator sold by Ericsson/Hewlit packard.      
NETSim simulates the operations and maintenance behavior of AXE       
Network Elements (AXE is a very large switching system product).      
NETSim simulates commands, printouts, alarms and files transfers.     
NETSim supports the Message Transfer Protocol (MTP) and communicates  
through a X.25 protocol.                                              
> If this is true where I can find list of command line               
parameter(commands) used in MTP protocol ?                            
> Thanks in advance,                                                  
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