Structs (was RE: Record selectors)

Shawn Pearce <>
Thu Jan 16 16:58:10 CET 2003

Miguel Barreiro Paz <> wrote:
> 	I suppose exception throwing mechanisms were invented among other
> reasons to simplify the horrible code that results from defensive
> programming; ie., after a few burnouts C programmers turn every function
> call and assignment line into ten lines or so (check whether results are
> valid, then do something sensible if they aren't, continue otherwise).
> Now, languages like Java do have exception throwing mechanisms, but many
> programmers insist on C-style manual result checking.
> 	Some people around does suffer from Java daily :)

Not that exception throwing helps any:

	InputStream		file = null;

		file = new FileInputStream(...);
		read from file
	} catch (IOException ioe)
		if (file != null)
			} catch (IOException ioe2)
				// What do i do if i can't close the
				// file during an error? Assume it's
				// ok to ignore the second error?

		throw ioe;

is just an annoying mess in Java.  Exceptions are not always
what their designers thought they would be.  I'm sure someone
here could come up with a better format for that mess though.
Personally, I prefer Erlang, but am told to write Java, as its
GOL.  *sigh*


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