The Need for Erlang Courses World-Wide?

Francesco Cesarini <>
Tue Jan 14 18:17:59 CET 2003

In recent months, I have noticed an increase in the request for Erlang 
training by individuals rather than requests for whole courses. Lennart 
Ohman, at Sjöland and Thyselius, has noticed the same trend. We were 
debating on if we should start offering scheduled Erlang courses again, 
and if so, where to place them. Do you see a need for them in your 
project / organization? Do you think you will be sending participants to 
them. Where should they be placed? What courses would you be interested 
in? Are the one day seminars we offer also of interest?

We had in mind to offer one to two Introductory courses a year in

Stockholm (In conjunction with EUC?)
US (Where? East/West coast? Both?) and possibly one in
Asia (Singapore?) or
Australia (Melbourne?).

Based on these courses (We would require a minimum number of 
participants for them to go ahead), we would then schedule the follow up 
OTP courses a couple of months later.

All comments and suggestions are appreciated. If you could send general 
comments and discussions to the list, but express suggestions on 
locations and times you would like to see these courses scheduled 
alongside any  interest directly to us. We will post a summary here.


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