Record selectors

Sean Hinde <>
Mon Jan 13 11:30:02 CET 2003


All attempts to make records a bit safer are welcome - I have a couple of
comments on your suggestion:

> 	- one problem today is that records are effectively 
> module local (since they only exist as such at compile-time). 

I have grown very used to using the same record name (locally defined) in
lots of different modules - not least in the gen_server where just about
every one ever written surely has a #st() or #state{} record.

I think that such a scheme as you suggest would need to kep the ability to
have totally module private record definitions as well as your global

One further thought - we use the xref tool as part of our build process.
This is invaluable in discovering calls to undefined modules in corner cases
(try calling error_logger:format("Aargh") ). If xref could be extended to
find inconsistencies in use of records across a set of modules maybe that
would be sufficient?


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