Snapshot of R9B-1 for verification (not a release)

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Thu Feb 27 12:33:47 CET 2003

We plan to release the OpenSource Erlang OTP R9B-1 within a week.  It
you are a port maintainer, want to check if your patch made it into
the release or for other reasons want to test that there are no
serious problems with the release on the operating system you use or
your setup, please download and test the snapshot

Note this is *not* R9B-1, it is a snapshot for verification.

Please inform us about problems, how serious they are and if
you feel they need to be corrected before we release R9B-1.

The following patches sent to the erlang-questions list are part
of this snapshot

  James Hague Erlang shell ls() patch to avoid double newlines.
  Thierry Mallard top clean target corrections.
  Sean Hinde inets POST length was corrected (*)
  Sean Hinde edlin cursor keys on MacOS X (for other Unix'es as well?).
  Sean Hinde run_erl to use mkfifo() on MacOS X.
  Sean Hinde make file patch for ssl and asn1.
  Sean Hinde os_mon on darwin/MacOS X.
  Sean Hinde crypto patches for MacOS X and the addition of des_ede3_cbc_encrypt()
  Vladimir Sekissov patch for "fake_demand_epp.erl"
  Klacke inet_drv.c "error in GET request on the form semi broken 0.9 requests"
  James Hague driver symbols added to erl.def for Windows DLL
  Hal Snyder file descriptor leak in error_logger_file_h (OTP-4641)

Thank you all for your help improving Erlang/OTP,


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