Welcome to the Jungerl!

Sean Hinde <>
Tue Feb 25 01:02:42 CET 2003


Great stuff..

> 1. The build scripts assume "include" directories, but some 
> are just named 
>      "inc". Which is the preferred way for Erlang?

Well I'd vote for include - like all the OTP libs.

> 2. Some libs, like xmerl,  has a later version in another cvs 
> repository 
>     under sourceforge. How will they be kept in sync? What happens
>     if anyone updates the one under jungerl. Will the admin 
> of the other
>     one see to it that they are in sync, or shall we expect 
> them to diverge,
>     or shall they all go under the jungerl tree?

I'd say something like xmerl really warrants its own project. Perhaps when
things get big enough or well established enough they should be bumped up a

I'll also contribute a bunch of stuff from our cvs repository. I've had a
few things in mind to release for ages but never quite polished them up to
contrib standard (I'm thinking erlang cvs driver and repository consistency
checker, and a .rel, .app.src to finished build tool, as well as a bunch of
other random stuff).

I do think this will need some active management from someone who gets a
kick out of organising things (i.e. defintely not me!) To be useful for the
widest audience we really need to avoid it becoming Junkerl.. Like should we
have a new project called
random_build_tools_which_are_all_useful_but_dont_work_together?! I guess the
project mailing list is the place to sort these issues out.


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