Adress for patches?

Kent Boortz <>
Fri Feb 21 17:29:05 CET 2003

Sean Hinde <> writes:
> This is all very well, but surely the overhead for the OTP team of toiling
> through the mailing list archive searching for diffs and then never being
> sure if it was the lates version is huge.
> If there were an  account (which might only need to
> be read twice a year..) then it must help you guys a lot, as well as
> providing a focus for developers.

Waiting for the "perfect solution" we have created a new mailing list
<>. It is for submitting patches and also for
commenting those patches (portability problems etc).

To subscribe send a mail to <> with the body

  subscribe erlang-patches

We are working on getting R9B-1 out and scanned this list last week to
make sure they are all merged into the source. The status on the
submitted patches we found are (let us know if any patches are missing
in this list)

  Patches merged into the source

    James Hague Erlang shell ls() patch to avoid double newlines.
    Thierry Mallard top clean target corrections.
    Sean Hinde inets POST length was corrected
    Sean Hinde edlin cursor keys on MacOS X (for other Unix'es as well?).
    Sean Hinde run_erl to use mkfifo() on MacOS X.
    Sean Hinde make file patch for ssl and asn1.
    Sean Hinde os_mon on darwin/MacOS X.
    Sean Hinde crypto patches for MacOS X and the addition of
    Vladimir Sekissov patch for "fake_demand_epp.erl"

  Patches that will not make it to R9B-1 or reported but not corrected
  bugs that where added to our internal bug tracking system

    OTP-4621  The shell builtin m() and truncation patch by Julian Fondren

    OTP-4622  The TICK_MS problem reported by Vladimir Sekissov

    OTP-4629  Font and Copy (Ctrl+Ins) problems on Windows reported by
              James Hague

We haven't completed the testing so we can't say 100% that all the
above patches will be included in R9B-1 but they probably will,

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