Adress for patches?

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Thu Feb 20 18:58:54 CET 2003

> Hi Marc!
> Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:
> > Forgive me if I overlooked it, but where can I send
> > patch proposals to the Erlang source distribution to?
> > 
> > Just asking because I found a minor error in the README
> > and found no contact adress except this mailing list.
> For open source users there is no other place to send patch proposals
> than to this list. But we, the developers, read this lits and we do
> consider the patch proposals sent to the list. Naturally we want to
> fix all bugs but it can take some time to evaluate a patch it is very
> important that it does not compromise the high quality and high
> stability that Erlang/OTP actually has. We appreciate all 
> proposals and our
> ambition is to always thank people for their effort. I am not sure
> that we always live up to this, but nobody is perfect ;) 

This is all very well, but surely the overhead for the OTP team of toiling
through the mailing list archive searching for diffs and then never being
sure if it was the lates version is huge.

If there were an erlang-patches@REDACTED account (which might only need to
be read twice a year..) then it must help you guys a lot, as well as
providing a focus for developers.


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