volunteer wanted to write a few FAQ entries about Mnesia

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Fri Feb 21 12:31:51 CET 2003

Chris Pressey writes:

 > I can try to make it a bit less barren.  I'll post it to the list in case
 > anyone wants to review it and perhaps catch my mistakes (I haven't used
 > Mnesia for a while now.)

Ok. I've got a fair few responses (thanks Hal, Sean, Chandru and
Micke), including from some experts who can help with a little fact

Since all the experts I've heard from are fairly busy, making it a
collaborative effort seems a good idea, even though it's not mine. ;-)
I'll edit questions and answers sent to me or the mailing list
and update a semi-coherent version my homepage as I get
mail. When it seems done, I'll put it in the FAQ for real.


(yes, I know, the 'prev' and 'home' links are broken)


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