Erlang at Universities ?

Fabien Dagnat <>
Thu Feb 20 09:45:12 CET 2003

When I was in Toulouse (France), I made a Phd on static analyses for 

Here in Brest, I still use erlang in research project and I'm planning 
two new courses for fifth year students:
  - one about functionnal languages
  - one about distributed programming and protocols
both will use Erlang as programming language.

For Information, I made an introductory course and lab for my collegues 
(8) and they were quite impressed and interested by the language 
(mainly, the concurrent aspects and the gen_*).

I'm aware that at ENST Paris, Samuel Tardieu make an introductory course 
on Erlang.

Michael Fogeborg wrote:
> Does anyone know what universities use Erlang ?

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