Erlang at Universities ?

Victor M. Gulias <>
Wed Feb 19 23:48:50 CET 2003

Michael Fogeborg <> writes:

> Does anyone know what universities use Erlang ?

Here at University of A Coruña (Galicia, Spain), I teach a functional
programming course (optional, fourth year, fall, >40 students/year) 
in which, besides  theoretical stuff such as lambda calculus, type 
systems, etc., I offer an introduction to distributed functional 
programming using Erlang (about 3 weeks). Students really like the 
language (they have previous experiences with both O'Caml and Haskell)
and some of them use it for their master thesis (I'm having a couple 
of master thesis per year related to Erlang somehow). 

We also use Erlang for Ph.D. courses and for our (cool) projects such
as VoDKA (


Victor M. Gulias

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