Bio-Erlang ?

Michael Fogeborg micke@REDACTED
Wed Feb 19 13:13:38 CET 2003

You say you "had a look at Erlang" ?  But was it ever used?
If (not), what was its pro's/con's in this context?

At 12:00 19.02.2003 +0100, Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:
> >   There is BioLisp, BioPerl, BioJava, BioPython, BioXML BioCorba, Bio....
> >   But I have not yet seen BioErlang.
>I worked 2 years in a Bioinformatics company, at one point we indeed
>had a look at Erlang.
>Bioinformatics deals with terabytes of information that was gathered in
>molecular genetics.
>A plethora of different datatypes is used there, from sequences of
>all kinds to graphs of metabolic pathways.
>Some problems:
>- organize that data and the access to many different public and
>   commercial databases
>- the graphical representation of data
>- processing of data and derivation of new data from it (searches,
>   predictions, ..)
>Some processing eats up really much CPU cycles. For that
>it would be nice to distribute workload.
>If remember right we looked into Erlang for implementing that
>part. (And among other stuff XML for topic 1, and Java for top2 ..)

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