-include_lib directive in R9B-0 ? (was: Make Error for BTT 3.1)

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas.niclausse@REDACTED
Tue Feb 18 19:09:29 CET 2003

>>>>> "Mickael" == Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@REDACTED> écrivait:

Salut Mickael :)

 Mickael> I am quoting you: It works when I compile from the shell but
 Mickael> not from the unix command line.

It seems to work when you set ERLC_EMULATOR  (but i don't know why ...)

It's the same thing with the +native option.

schultze:~/tmp >erlc glop.erl
./glop.erl:3: can't find include lib "eva/include/eva.hrl"
schultze:~/tmp >export ERLC_EMULATOR=/usr/bin/erl
schultze:~/tmp >erlc glop.erl  
schultze:~/tmp >

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