Musings on an Erlang GUI System.

Vladimir Sekissov <>
Sat Feb 15 03:36:56 CET 2003

Good day,

joe> > In this case you could also have a look at old Fresco. It is all CORBA
joe> > but anyway.
joe> > 
joe> >

The mother of Fresco Interview gets new incarnation now as
ivtools -

>From their's Wiki page:

IvTools is a Software Elephant that can be many things to many people
depending on what part of the body they grab:
    * It's a GUI toolkit based on the original lightweight glyphs of

    * It's a LayeredApplicationFramework for custom DirectManipulation
      applications based on the UnidrawFramework, as well as a
      ComponentFramework as defined by PhilipEskelin, (see 

    * It has a ScriptingLanguage with a simple-as-you-can-get
      parenthesis-based syntax and innovative constructs for dataflow
      expressions and drawing editor control. 

    * Augment with DougSchmidt's ACE toolkit, and it's a
      DistributedComponentEnvironment for developing hybrid
      viewer/server applications.

    * Augment with MarkLinton's Fresco toolkit (future possibility),
      and it's a cross-platform GUI toolkit with unique vector-graphic
    * It's a HyperStructuredGraphics environment ala Tgif.

Best Regards,
Vladimir Sekissov

joe>   I saw freso a while ago - IMHO fresco has the right architecture but the
joe> *wrong* transport medium - CORBA for the transport of data between the
joe> client and server will give a large performance hit and adds an incredable
joe> amount of unecessary complexity - If the'd just have erlang terms or lisp
joe> S-expressions or UBF to communicate it would be great.
joe> /Joe
joe> > 

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