Musings on an Erlang GUI System.

Eric Merritt <>
Fri Feb 14 17:30:48 CET 2003

> Except for Java, where SWING has support for
> different themes
> built in, I don't know how the toolkits achieve this
> flexiblity.
> KDE 3.1 looks very different from KDE 3, and it is
> probably
> not qt but some KDE components that allow this theme
> support.

  Mutable render wouldn't be to difficult at the root
level. Changing colors/pixmaps via some type of config
would be simple.
> Today the quality level has risen, compared to the
> old GUIs. One needs to provide alpha blending,
> anti-aliasing
> and top looking fonts, perhaps usage of available
> hardware accelerator graphics cards.
> It seems to move towards the quality level that is
> used by
> desktop publishing software. 
> The Flash engine for web apps is such an example.

 I think this argues for using opengl as the base
rendering library. There still needs to be a custom
wrapper for the screens, glut is poorly liscensed for
this, also it hasn't really been developed for several
years. Maybe there is a better replacement out there
to handle the windowing and keyboard/mouse events. hmm.

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