Musings on an Erlang GUI System.

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Fri Feb 14 17:00:19 CET 2003

>   > - the GUI must look professional (win95 or Aqua
>   > look)
>     I think to extend this thought, the gui look and
>   feel must be very easy to change. Whats cool now will
>   not be cool in five years, and what cool in five years
>   will not be cool in ten, etc, etc. So its got to be
>   easy to change and keep up to date.

Motif was cool and is now pretty aged.

Except for Java, where SWING has support for different themes
built in, I don't know how the toolkits achieve this flexiblity.
KDE 3.1 looks very different from KDE 3, and it is probably
not qt but some KDE components that allow this theme support.

> I am thinking that instead of picking an already
> created gui to wrapper, instead it would be best to
> create or find a graphics kernal that would be easy to
> port. Then let erlang handle everything else.

Today the quality level has risen, compared to the
old GUIs. One needs to provide alpha blending, anti-aliasing
and top looking fonts, perhaps usage of available
hardware accelerator graphics cards.
It seems to move towards the quality level that is used by
desktop publishing software. 
The Flash engine for web apps is such an example.


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