Erlang Extreme Programming & Refactoring, Was: non-telecom in erlang

Jim Larson jim@REDACTED
Wed Feb 12 19:54:35 CET 2003

In message <lh65rqjbsk.fsf@REDACTED> Luke Gorrie writes:
>I must admit I have completely failed in all my own attempts to create
>nice layouts with Graphviz, though :-) but it's at least super-easy to
>generate fugly graphs.

Graphviz has a few knobs that you can turn that can sometimes make
the graph come out nicely.  But in general I've had to either lower
my expectations (it's doing the layout for free after all), or export
the graph to Xfig where I can tweak it manually.  The Xfig data that
it produces is pretty awful, so it takes some practice to make edits.


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