Erlang Extreme Programming & Refactoring, Was: non-telecom in erlang

Luke Gorrie <>
Wed Feb 12 06:41:31 CET 2003

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <> writes:

> My understanding was that GEF was not a gui builder but
> a layout toolkit for graph drawing, thus something for drawing diagrams
> nicely like a graph of Erlang modules and their dependencies
> (if that is somehow useful :)

It's years since I looked at GEF, but I think it was mostly a toolkit
for writing graph-editing programs (originally the backend to the Argo
UML tool), rather than for automatically generating/layout'ing pretty

Another one to look at is Graphviz, which is designed for taking text
files describing graphs and doing mostly-automatic layout and drawing
of them, to generate postscript, GIF, etc:

I must admit I have completely failed in all my own attempts to create
nice layouts with Graphviz, though :-) but it's at least super-easy to
generate fugly graphs.


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