Zope and Erlang (was Brain Dump #1)

Steven H. Rogers, PhD. steve@REDACTED
Tue Feb 11 04:21:27 CET 2003

Mickael Remond wrote:
> * Steven H. Rogers, PhD. <steve@REDACTED> [2003-02-08 15:28:08 -0600]:
> [Regarding the idea of developping a Zope like application server in
> Erlang]
>>Before getting too far, we'd need some design goals and agreed upon 
> I agree with you.
> I think one of the most difficult point we should think about is how to
> provide a way to allow "component" development in our framework.
> Several solution are differently tackled by different framework. Zope
> has a product based approach that allow to install code and then provide
> a kind of "wizard" to instanciate the tool in a particular context. You
> can this way add a component to your site: forum
> Yesterday, we prepared with Thierry Mallard, the Erlang-projects
> community web site.
> It is nearly finished.
> You will be able to create an account and start working on the server on
> common documentation with others.
> I propose to create a workgroup regarding the development of a zope like
> application server in Erlang.
>>>We could use Mnesia as a basis for a first prototype.
>>Why would we only use Mnesia for prototyping?
> Well. we will see after the prototype if Mnesia actually fits our need,
> but you are right that we may probably keep it for successive version of
> the tool.
> The only thing that might not fit is the capacity to handle huge
> database (Terabytes). This could be a requirement for content management
> site, but I think we can postponed this problem and simply use Mnesia
> for now.
> I hope this helps,
I'm not sure that a huge database is really required for a CMS.  Most 
"content" could be stored on the file system with indices and metadata 
in the database.

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