Interesting read about Java

Luke Gorrie <>
Mon Feb 10 12:09:31 CET 2003

Joe Armstrong <> writes:

> 2. The JRE is very large.
>   The JRE is significantly larger than comparable runtime environments
> when considering resident set  size (memory dedicated to this specific
> program). It  has been seen  to grow  to as much  as 900M. This  has a
> drastic effect on  both performance and resource usage.  It also means
> that  multiple  JREs  present  critical resource  constraints  on  the
> servers for such thin-client  systems as SunRays. Typical resident set
> requirements for Java2 programs include:
> Hello World 9M
> SMC Server 38M
> Component Manager 160M
> TogetherJ 300 - 900M
>   The largest program  in that list is TogetherJ.  From the standpoint
> of resource  requirements, TogetherJ does  much of what  Rational Rose
> does but Rational Rose appears  to function in less than 250M. Startup
> time  is  effected as  well.  For  example,  on an  Ultra10  TogetherJ
> requires 5 minutes to load and start. SMC, Sun's flagship system admin
> console, takes between one and two  minutes to reach the point that it
> can be used.

Of course, for savvy java hackers, this has mostly been solved 6 years


(Well, not going to be able to do much about Together.. :-))


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