Erlang Extreme Programming & Refactoring, Was: non-telecom in erlang

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Fri Feb 7 19:51:47 CET 2003

>     The easiest place to begin really, is to download
>   one of the simpler complete plugins and just browse
>   the source. The goo plugin is a good place to start,
>   as is the python and ruby plugins.

Ok, I hope this comes with information on how to install
the plugin correctly in my IDE installation.

BTW it was kind of scary to discover a COBOL plugin. :) 

>    Also read the articles, following is a list of the
>   'core' articles these are not in any real order
>   Your First Plug-in 

Yea, I just downloaded this one.

>   Also I can probably answer most of the questions you
>   may have. The eclipse groups are pretty good at
>   answering questions as well.


>   > A long term goal would be to make use of GEF to add
>   > some nice
>   > graphical views.
>    GEF is the gui builder, Erlang doesn't really do guis
>   at the moment. So I am not sure this would help.
>   Unless you had a diffrent idea?

My understanding was that GEF was not a gui builder but
a layout toolkit for graph drawing, thus something for drawing diagrams
nicely like a graph of Erlang modules and their dependencies
(if that is somehow useful :)

>  add you to the project.

My sf username is 'mvw'.


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