Erlang Extreme Programming & Refactoring, Was: non-telecom in erlang

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Fri Feb 7 18:21:34 CET 2003

> I would like to help you with the development, in
> case you accept
> more guys on your effort.

  Oh god yes.

> However I'm pretty clueless about Eclipse
> development.
> I just started to read some articles on the Eclipse
> site and
> have no idea when I know enough to do something
> productive.

  The easiest place to begin really, is to download
one of the simpler complete plugins and just browse
the source. The goo plugin is a good place to start,
as is the python and ruby plugins.

 Also read the articles, following is a list of the
'core' articles these are not in any real order

Your First Plug-in 
Project Natures and Builders 
Creating JFace Wizards
How to Internationalize your Eclipse Plug-In (For this
How to Use the Eclipse API 
Understanding Layouts in SWT 
Simplifying Preference Pages with Field Editors
Creating an Eclipse View 
Contributing Actions to the Eclipse Workbench
Using Perspectives in the Eclipse UI 
Mark My Words

Also I can probably answer most of the questions you
may have. The eclipse groups are pretty good at
answering questions as well.

> A long term goal would be to make use of GEF to add
> some nice
> graphical views.

 GEF is the gui builder, Erlang doesn't really do guis
at the moment. So I am not sure this would help.
Unless you had a diffrent idea?

> What did you read to get into Eclipse development?
  I wanted to write an IDE for erlang :)
> And what platform do you use?

  Mostly Linux, though I dual boot to windows for
testing (and games)

> Luke's idea of a common Erlang IDE backend is quite
> cool,
> I believe.
 I think so to. I am going to restart erlide making
use of the distel backend. Becuase of this it will
mostly be a from scratch rebuild but it will be worth
it in the long run.

 If you have a sourceforge id I would be happy to add
you to the project.

> Regards,
> Marc

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