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Alan Littleford alan@REDACTED
Wed Feb 5 18:46:17 CET 2003

The FAQ states that Erlang has been run on machines with "as little as 16 MB ram". I'm tasked with finding out the minimum possible RAM that an Erlang system could run reasonably in. The VM itself seems to be on the order of 500K (?) so the rest would be bytecode and heap/stack space. Clearly it depends on what I want to run but is it even reasonable to think of a usable Erlang system running in 8 MB ram -- I'd want a (minimal)web server, the SNMP interface and probably around 50 - 100K src lines of Erlang bytecode. 

Does anyone have any practical experience in shehorning such a beast ??


PS Many years ago I founded a small company that developed and marketed a PC Prolog Compiler (Cogent Prolog, for anyone that is interested). 'Discovering' Erlang has been a blast ...

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