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Wed Feb 5 17:36:51 CET 2003

> From: Joe Armstrong [mailto:joe@REDACTED]
>   The solution and all the code are available at:
>   All comments, corrections and improvements are welcomed.

Great tutorial! Very clear, very useful.


What do you mean (in section 1. A simple server) by "Distributed Erlang has all or nothing security (so this is just too dangerous)"? Could you elaborate?


In section 3. (summing up), I would list an additional (important) improvement:

* When server1 is down, each transaction will have degraded performance, because the client still starts by trying server1. An improved client would remember the last server that worked and use it first before trying the other one...

Trivial corrections

Section 2. A fault tolerant server, first line should read "To make our fault tolerant server we use not one machine but two" (instead of "but who").

Third paragraph from the end of section 2.1 should read " will never know if the server managed..." (instead of "if the sever managed").

- Dominic.

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